Thank you for visiting us. We have provided answers to questions we frequently get asked by our tenants. We hope they are helpful to your interactions with Trusted Homes.

There are multiple factors that are considered during the application approval process. One of those is the credit score of the individual applying. In general, we look for a credit score greater than 550. However, there are instances where the income of the individual is high, or the reason for the low credit score is now resolved (e.g. medical payment issue). In addition, individuals with a low credit score can have a cosigner for the property as well.

Yes, In order for both incomes to be considered for the property (as well as running credit scores), we require that both individuals apply directly on the site. There is an option in the application process to group the applications together, so we automatically know you are applying with someone. Please follow that process.

Each one of our properties has a property manager assigned to the property. When requesting maintenance, you have the option of:

(1) Calling the maintenance hotline at (877 645-4593 to register a maintenance issue. The hotline is available 24 hours/ 7 days a week. In addition to logging the request, they can call or email the right individual to do the work (e.g. HVAC resource assigned to your geography) to start scheduling the appointment. Once the work order is sent to the individual responsible for the work, you should see the name of that information in the tenant portal. You can then call to have them reach out to confirm dates they will be onsite as well.

(2) Logging the request online through the tenant portal. Once the item is logged, it will be reviewed by our maintenance team and assigned to the right individual. The right individual will reach out to you directly to schedule the appointment for service.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the tenant responsibility to do normal day-to-day services at the property like controlling pests at the single family residence. In addition, the tenant is responsible for changing the air filter in HVAC units. If the reason for the maintenance trip is due to one of these reasons others due to tenant negligence (e.g. pets damaging an item, children, other), then the maintenance trip will be added to the tenant bill and subject to late fee provisions if unpaid.

If you have questions they cannot answer, please feel free to reach out to as a point of escalation.